The History Project

Until a couple of years ago I used to read History as voraciously as literature and was even contemplating doing a second Masters in History. Then all of a sudden I stopped for no reason But now is as good as a time to take this up and I plan to read at least a minimum of 12 history books this year – one book every month; not restricting myself to geography/country/politics!

I will list below the names of the books as I read along while I review them in my BAU Posts


3 thoughts on “The History Project”

  1. God bless your heart, you not only fancy Austen but History. You make a girl happy :). How is your project coming along?

    • We are soul sisters; otherwise how do you explain this love for Austen and History???!! I love reading history and its going very well this year especially…..the only trouble is I never get enough time to review everything I read, so in the end there are no history book reviews!

      • Yessss, that could be the pausible explanation ;). I usually do not review everything that I read on my blog as well. I reviewing sort of like a journal fun thing. I do not want to make all diplomatic which is where I almost headed. I had to stop that train, haha and review to tell people what I like or did not appreciate in a book and leave the diplomatic stuff to the professional book bloggers.

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