New Year, New Thoughts…..

Happy New Year Everyone!! Here’s wishing everyone a happy, healthy and strong 2022!

New Year is naturally a good time for new resolutions but I am a old hand at this and I know that these things never hold. Therefore I have no new resolutions; instead stemming from the lessons I learnt ( and shared ) last year, I would want to make an effort to lead a more complete and enriching life. That of course is the plan; we do not know what the fates hold, but if I have a boring non eventful 2022 then not only will I be one grateful soul, but I will ensure I adhere to the idea of leading an enriching life.

Almond Blossoms by By Vincent van Gogh – dAFXSL9sZ1ulDw at Google Cultural Institute maximum zoom level, Public Domain,

Some thoughts on how I will do this –

  1. Generally slow down a bit instead of intensely rushing through the days. I have always been excited about life and what each moment brings, but I think the time has come to turn that excitement into appreciating one moment at a time and just not running constantly.
  2. Lose weight; I have always been obese and that has never stopped me from living my life. But now living under the shadow of cancer, I know that losing weight is critical to reduce the risk of reoccurrence, so that I and my loved ones are NEVER put through this circus again. It may still happen but that will not because of my lack of preventive efforts.
  3. No GoodReads Reading Goals. In an effort to slow down, I want to read more, and read more slowly and enjoy it more. I think GoodReads Reading Goal is great to have a reading discipline but that is one thing I do not need. So I will read what I want , when I want and probably not worry over how many!

That’s about it! No real plans or ideas. If things hold constant, I would want to travel more, write more and most importantly move forward with my Cancer Counseling page / insta, to help anyone who is new to this journey and is as lost as I was. But beyond this, I am not thinking too much nor am I planning anything ( an immense departure for an OCD me! ). We will go with whatever comes our way and see how the year pans out.

What are your 2022 thoughts?


18 thoughts on “New Year, New Thoughts…..

  1. Happy New Year, Cirtnecce! I’m sure 2022 will be a much better year for you. Reading what you want and when you want sounds like a good idea to me!

    1. Thanks Helen! A very happy New Year to you and yours! Wishing everything happy and peaceful in 2022. I can no longer stick to a reading plan I think, so I will go wherever the literary adventures take me!

  2. terrific resolutions! all the components of a meaningful existence, imo anyhow… slow, measured steps win the race (the turtle and the hare, haha…)

    1. Thank You! And I agree with you completely — only when we are kinder to ourselves can we spread kindness around! I think that is one the bestest things to do this year and every year!

  3. Happy new year, Cirtnecce! ❀ I hope you have a great one!! I have similar goals, such as trying to appreciate and enjoy every day more. πŸ™‚

    1. #2022slowdown has a nice ring to it! I think we should all chill and see the birds and feel the sun on our face, savor the tanginess of a fruit and love the comfort of a good bed and dreamless sleep. These things to me seem to have more value than the next promotion or the new car and other such goals.

  4. I love no. 3. I have never done GoodReads reading goals, but my reading has been too driven by other factors – like review copies sent to me – and this year I want to pull that back a lot. I started last year by not accepting many, but I still have a backlog. When I get through that I’ll be able to breathe.

    Good luck with the weight issue. It’s not easy I think, but when you have a health goal, doing hard things with food is a bit easier. I have a different situation, but I had to change my diet dramatically to get a chronic health condition under control. The benefits made it worthwhile but it was really hard. That was over 30 years ago and I still still closely to that diet.

    1. I completely understand the need to pull back a bit! I read because it brings me incredible joy and sustains me emotionally and intellectually. Make it a goal oriented thing makes me feel like I am on some kind of task path especially lately. I really slow down a bit and live in the moment and GR Reading goal is NOT the way to do it.

      Yes, weight loss is hard and this is new because I have always been various versions of pleasantly plump. But yes there is a health goal and my loved ones to be considered so hopefully despite it being hard, I should still be able to do it. I am supremely inspired that you have sustained a dietary lifestyle for 30 years. I am in awe of your sense of self discipline and will!

      1. Thanks, I’m in awe of myself, really, because I don’t have the same self-discipline when it comes to other things like exercise though I’m becoming better at that, finally. However, I was desperate and desperation can lead to many things, some of them good! And, once I saw the benefits it was easier to stick with!

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