On Ending of February and Missed Dates!

February, the last month of my favorite season came and went and had I not experienced all the turbulence that I endured over 2013-2014, I would have said it was a disastrous month! But there is something to be said of the lessons learnt from the past and achieving a level of “Sang-Froid” (an inevitably difficult task for someone who is fundamentally and incurably suffering from control freak symptoms) and therefore I will restrain my usual hyperboles and just state it’s been a rather DIFFICULT month!

Work front was hardly a paradise, in fact more like the Siberian Gulag! But then one of my team members pointed out recently, work equals service and service stems from the word ‘servitude’ and therefore is inherently a flawed state of being and a necessary evil and to expect something marvelous, while not a miracle is a rare, hardly ever seen event. It was/is tiresome, irksome and completely exhausting, but at least I really love the job and I have one of the best, funniest and brightest team ever; so let’s just say the cup is half full!

My woes with technology continue; after my recent disaster with my good old blackberry- the phone finally killed itself because I will not stop using it after 5 years, forcing me to buy an Android touch phone which I abhor. A single mistaken swipe of the fingers and suddenly I am talking to an aunt I really never want to talk to! But my woes did not end there, just as I was getting settled with my “Smartphone”, my tab gave away and committed Hara Kiri (Yup! Read Painful method of suicide – Japanese style). So now I am out of an E-Reader and would have to buy one when I really do not want to and get used to it and …..it is all very very depressing and frustrating and infuriating and irksome! But I am not losing my temper here! Nope! I am practicing being “Sang-Froid”

Considering the Project Manager avatar took up so much of time this month, I barely got any reading done – so all my reading plans for February now naturally translate to March, with a couple of added attractions or otherwise – Conn Iggulden’s  Trilogy (Part of the War of Rose’s Trilogy) and Daniel Deronda by George Elliot (I Do Not like George Elliot and I do not care if she was considered one the premiere modern novelists, but if I do not read it now and as part of a group activity, I never will!) It was extremely disappointing that after some great reading months, I came to almost dead stop in last couple of weeks! But hopefully I will pick myself up and be rattling about this book and that author, soon enough!

And now, because of all the servitude, I forgot a most important day in my blogging career – 14th February. (No! It’s not about Valentine’s Day!) It’s my bloggosanniversary and Mockingbirds, Prejudices and Looking Glass, completed 3 years of existence! (Drum Roll!!!!) While the day wenteth unmarketh because I slogeeth , I do want to take a moment, to thank each and every one of you for all your kindness in taking the time out to read, like, comment through these three years. Today I am honored to share the blogshphere with all of you and more importantly to call so many of you friends – friends across geographies, time-zones, cultural and linguistic differences!

Thus, clichéd as it sounds, all well that ends well and therefore ending on celebratory note with fireworks and more, I leave you with this –

4 thoughts on “On Ending of February and Missed Dates!

  1. I’m taking a course on Richard III and we learned that peasants in the 14th century, in spite of having to do backbreaking labour when they did work, actually had about 3 – 6 months of the year off. Can you believe it? Sorry, I was actually going to try to make you feel better but I just had to share that uplifting tidbit. 😛

    I despise technology. Yes, despise. But I know that it’s a necessary evil. However, I don’t own a cell phone and my work computer is probably 10 years old. I will not update unless I absolutely have to.

    And, of course, Happy Blogiversary to you!!! Here’s to many more blogging years! **** virtual toast with expensive champagne *****

    1. I really like the thought of a course on Richard III and more importantly having 3-6 months off after intensive labor. However if I am not wrong those 3-6 months were spent in pecuniary distress and I DO NOT fancy that either! What I would like is actually to retire like tomorrow and spend all my days reading and eating! Unfortunately, my parents failed to notice my natural lazy proclivities and instead of leaving me a fortune, just gave me a good education and asked me to make my way through the world. LOL! Thank You! Sharing the virtual expensive champagne with Lobster Thermidore

  2. First of all, congratulations on three years! Way to go!

    Second, if you don’t like George Eliot why are you forcing yourself to read her even with a group? Why not read something else you will like better instead?

    As for your new phone, I had to laugh about you accidentally calling an aunt you didn’t want to talk to. I have called a number of people by accident with my new iphone. I mostly have it under control now but there is still an oops! once in awhile.

    1. Hahahha!!! Firstly Thank You! Secondly you are such a cheerful and sensible voice..I agree with you on Deronda! I do not think I will read it, atleast for now! Thirdly it’s official I HATE touch phones!! I mean really actively dislike em! But thats another necessary evil I now have to live with!

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