And The Spin # is …..

The Classic’s Club has spun the number and it is 19! 19 seems like an odd number; excuse the pun, but we get #1, #8 or even #20 but never #19. So it’s very interesting to get a 19! This per my list, makes me read Tales of South Pacific by James Michener.


I must own I am very very relieved to get this book and not something like The Rigveda, which is tremendously difficult to understand and takes a lot of time and concentrated focus, or so people who have read the book tell me. However, Michener can be a bit of a unpredictable read as well. I loved his  The Source and Caravan, both go into my all time favorite and not be missed lists; he has also written Sayonara, which is the most ridiculous piece of writing to come from an author as brilliant as him. I also have his Alaska, which with all my heartfelt sincere attempts have still not been able to finish and it lies next to my bed side table, with a bookmark accusingly sticking out from page 237. Also as I was discussing with Brona, all his books are chunksters, so tackling them anyway, is a challenge. Having said all of this, the fact still remains that when Michener gets it right, he writes what can only be described as deep, insightful and heart rendering books! I am hoping Tales of the South Pacific will be one of them. It won the Pulitzer Prize in 1948 and there is that la-de-da musical as well, but neither is a guarantee of the novel’s actual power. Many Pulitzer’s have failed to actually keep their promise, atleast to me and I often wonder, why they were rated so high. As far as the musical is concerned, well, the lesser said the better! I guess, I will find out soon enough! The book arrives today and I have per the rules till May 31st to finish it and I am hoping to do that sooner than that, as I have as always, bitten more than I can chew.

Cleo, my soul sister and my friend, who inspires me to do all great and crazy things is also participating in the Spin and her #19 is like va-va-voom interesting. It’s A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland and A Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides by Samuel Johnson and James Boswell. This is an outstanding classic and our lives are replete with quotes and phrases from Johnson and Boswell. No way, could I pass this up. It’s too complicated for me to read alone and I would have needed some proding. Well, someone heard my prayers, and now I am buddy reading with Cleo on this. I need help!

To end, the die is now cast and I have books to be read! I am super excited to be part of the Spin again and realize now, how much I missed it! Without further ado, then, let’s read! Happy Spinning all!

13 thoughts on “And The Spin # is …..

  1. I didn’t know there was a book behind the musical! Haven’t watched it, but I’m familiar with a couple of songs from it. Enjoy all your island adventures! 😀

  2. i read “The Source” once and liked it a lot… i think i read “Tales…” also but i dont recall it very well: sort of a watered down Maugham, is my thought, maybe wrong… i have the two Johnson and Boswell volumes and will read them next week, probably…

    1. I love “The Source” and re-read often! A watered down Maugham….very interesting. You will read Johnson and Boswell??!! Yay!! Have you read them before? Can you guide me and Cleo in our adventures?

      1. no i haven’t touched either of them to my chagrin; time to amend that, tho… and so i’ll be more of a follower; if that…

  3. I wish I could say I’d join you with your spin but after trying to get through Michener’s Hawaii years ago and failing, I’m just not up to the task of reading him again. But I can say “yay!” to you joining me with mine! 🙂 I’m liking it already and I think each man’s unique personality will certainly shine through. Happy, happy reading!! 🙂

    1. I completely understand. Hawaii is not good, infact it’s terrible and that is why I never know what the next Michener book entails. I have just been delivered the book and diving in!! Happy Happy reading to you as well my sister!

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