Come November, Come Books….

November approcheth and my heart singeth…yes! I cannot eulogize about Fall – Winter enough. However after dedicating nearly every 3rd post to the praise of this glorious time of the year, I have decided to move beyond and give a scintillating synopsis of my bookish plans for November!

Cometh November, Cometh several book club activities (No idea, why I am writing like this, but then as Mark Twain said, ) To begin with, I am participating in Brona’s AusReading Month 2014. I am actually in a middle of this big project which goes live in November and this project was launched in partnership with our Australian counterparts… now that’s fate!! How can I not be part of this event? Besides, for some time I have planned to expand my reading horizon beyond the obvious British American, Classical/Historical genre. This event is therefore godsend and I plan to make the most of it! To begin with, I am planning to read the following for this reading episode –

  • “The Dressmaker” by Rosalie Ham – I heard some brilliant things and much praise about Rosalie Ham. Needless to say, I am really looking forward to this one!
  • “Picnic at Hanging Rock” by Joan Lindsay – I saw this book as a film (a rare one for me…I always read the book and may or may not see the film) and is based on a true incident regarding disappearance of a group of college girls out for a picnic in 1900. I was intrigued then, but was too young to follow on the details. Seems like a good time to dig on the details.

Besides this, I see that Classic Club is organizing a Victorian Literature event this month and I will naturally have to be part of it. My parallel life lives in the Regency-Victorian age, I cannot really pass up this event. My reading plan for this one includes

  • “Three Men In a Boat” by Jerome K Jerome – I love this laugh out loud book and began reading it a day before Classic Club announced its event. It makes complete sense that I continue reading this book.
  • Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Brontë – I always have mixed feeling about this book, but it is a time for a re-visit, re-read and re-consider.
  • “Lady Audley’s Secret” by Mary E Braddon – I bought this book, like a million years ago and if I don’t read it now, I will never read it! So onward, Mary E Braddon
  • “Mary Barton” by Elizabeth Gaskell – I really really enjoy Mrs. Gaskell’s writing, but the plotline of Mary Barton seems a bit tedious and I have therefore hesitated reading this for some time. But courage and brave heart and so and so forth, and I sail forward bravely to try this one, this month.

Among other reading news, I have yet to start Michelle Lovric’s “The True and Splendid History of the Harrington Sisters” as well as Susan Howatch’s “Penamrric” . I think I plan to read these two every month, but with the each month having its unique reading event lately, these two are getting shelved. I think, in December, I will do Will-not-finish-the-year-without-finishing-these-books event, for myself. These two will star right on top of it that month. I am also wading through Henry James’s “The American” and Mark Twain’s “Innocents Abroad” – I thought it would be fun to read to contrasting genres, authors and plots around the same subject and around the same time (“The American” was published in 1877 and “Innocents Abroad” in 1869)– an American travelling in Europe to enrich his/her cultural understanding. It’s an extremely interesting exercise in contrasting literary forms and narrative style and I will post about the same one of these days! I have also begun reading “The Painted Girls” by Cathy Marie Buchanan and so far I am holding on to my opinions on this book!

That’s about it for my November bookish endeavors.

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Please do help and Thank You again!


11 thoughts on “Come November, Come Books….

    1. Thanks Jane..I am DYING to read Penmarric and I remember reading you excellent review…I will read it and dream again of one day visiting the Cornish coast where some of my all time favourite books are set!!

  1. Ha, ha! When I read that you were too young to remember the details at Hanging Rock, I thought, “wow, if it happened in 1900, you must be at least 114 years old!”, until I realized you meant the movie! *** snicker *** 🙂

    I just love Three Men in a Boat! So funny! And if you haven’t read The Diary of a Nobody, it’s a riot, as well. I loved Jane Eyre, for her spirit and for the realness of the work. I was so glad Brontë made Rochester a flawed character and therefore much more believable. Lady Audley’s Secret was good too but not on the same level. Gaskell I love but I haven’t read Mary Barton.

    Sadly, November is my least favourite month of the year, but I am buoyed by your enthusiasm! Have a great day!

    ~ Cleo ~

    P.S. You’re funny! 😉

    1. Thanks…thats one my favourite adjective …”funny”…laughter is so rare, we have to look at silly side of things…I LOVED Three men and the boat…will dig up Dairy of Nobody…I always ambivalent about Jane Eyre but I will hold my peace until I re-read it again….I love Gaskel and as I wade through Mary Barton, I can safely say..go for it! It is classic Gaskell – sympathetic, spellbinding and truthful!

    1. I know…and thats why I wanted to do like a contrast read on a common subject but different genres and styles and both best sellers in their time…Jerome K Jerome was out of this world!!!

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